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When you visit our website or our clinic or center we hope that the inferences of the screening are of assistance in understanding your child and in understanding the cognitive issues that may be impeding his / her academic potential.

We take great care in preparing the findings of the screening and these are written specifically for each child with information related to the child's responses on the assessments. These reports are not generic and care must be exercised in how they are shared from your end. The Dyslexia Association of India™ is a research-based association and the findings are based on a psycho educational and psychometric platform.The views of the Association are equivocal and private. Variation from previous screenings by third parties or outside specialists have no bearing on the findings enclosed and may not be read in conjunction or compared.

Kindly be advised that all reports are copyright material of the Dyslexia Association of India™ and each and every report is sent for Copyright Filing. Photocopying of text, Lifting of Text, Distribution of Reports, Sharing of text and reports, whether through print, E-Mail & Scan and / or Printing or Reproduction of Reports by Individuals or Institutions without explicit written permission is not allowed. Schools may not Xerox and keep these reports or attempt to use the written material as reference for other children. Doing such is not only incorrect but may contravene the copyright prerogative of the Dyslexia Association of India™ for which complete financial, legal, moral, personal recovery may be initiated.

Please exercise caution and correspondingly advise any individual who wants to access them the legality of duplicating any text.
Report will be submitted for copyright filing before being handed over to clients. The School May retain a copy of the diagnostic sheet which is provided in duplicate, and is welcome to read and understand the report, BUT may not - without explicit written permission from the Dyslexia Association of India™ Xerox, scan, email, duplicate, photograph, manually copy or cause a copy to be made of this report or transmit by manual or electronic means to any third party institutions, doctors or competing interests or retain it without permission. The DAI™ reserves all rights to seek financial, moral, ethical and compensatory rights without limit in a court of law if infringement is discovered at any stage from the date of writing this report to perpetuity. Do not use text as a reference for any child other than the child for whom these screenings have been carried out.

Doctor for Learning Disabilities

Test Disclosure and Disclaimer for the Website

Information contained in the website of the Dyslexia Association of India™ and the Website page you are visiting is private and the reports generated for children who have been assessed by the Dyslexia Association of India™ are protected by Copyright. All material- written and visual is the copyright property of the Association and Schools, Institutes, Teachers and Individuals are not permitted to reproduce or copy it without written consent of the Association.

The Dyslexia Association of India™ is a registered Charitable Trust with full NGO status and all tests and remediation are provided for on a cost-to-cost basis. The Not For Profit charter of the Association extends to all children and adults who need assistance and is not limited to any particular section of the society.

The screening provided is not intended to replace any medical advice given relating to the child by a qualified registered medical doctor nor is it intended to diagnose any disease. All effort has been made to ensure that tests are carried out with maximum accuracy based on the performance of the child at the time of administering the test. Results and Recommendations are not valid for Medico Legal Cases. Assessments are voluntary and the findings of the assessment / screenings are informative in nature and to be used for a wider application of the assesse's ability.

The Dyslexia Association of India™ stands absolved and is not liable or accountable for any errors in interpretation of the results by third party individuals.

The information contained in report by the Dyslexia Association of India should be treated as strictly private and confidential. It should also be noted that Psychological screenings are not infallible and may at times be 'equivocal' and decisions should not be made solely upon the outcome of the assessment.

Behavior can and may vary according to the context and circumstance. Motivation, anxiety, attention and interests can affect a child or students score at the time of screening or being assessed.

It is not unusual for the same child to perform differently when screened by a different individual given the subjective and psycho sensory nature of the human beings.

Given this anomaly in human cognitive behaviour, the Dyslexia Association of India™ makes all attempts and has been historically extremely accurate in its testing and assessment of children and individuals. This document may not be used to retain a student, to exit a student from school, to socially or academically discriminate against the student or pressurize the parents in any manner.

Psycoeducational and Neuropsychological assessments by their very nature are dependent upon the response bias of the child. Interpretation and findings are thus based on the readings of the given responses. While such assessments and results are quite accurate, parents are encouraged to use their own initiative and awareness also to read the reports on a wider platform. This will help their children with the parents and adults who come into contact with them knowing what strategies to follow to help the children and also to correlate what they observe on a daily basis with what the examiner observed in a clinical settings.

The Dyslexia Association of India™ retains the readings of the assessments for a period of three months before deleting them for reasons of safety, security and client confidentiality.

Test readings are not provided in their entirety within the report - as an Internal policy and if any parent is not comfortable, the association does not force or solicit the parent to have their child assessed by the DAI™.

The primary reason for not providing all statistical markers and readings is to prevent secondary reading by outside commercial practitioners who may have their own interpretation of the statistics and who without conducting their tests personally on the child - may in error misguide and misrepresent to the parents about their own capabilities and logic of the academic and learning abilities of the child along with any learning disorders.

Test non-disclosure policy is a standard internationally acknowledged criteria by law and test materials fall outside the definition of 'personal information' with test items, response, answer sheets (which include test items), scoring templates, keys, programs and other protocols being retained as the property of the Dyslexia Association of India™

It is not unheard off and the DAI™ has evidence that has shown that it is possible for academicians and secondary professionals to 'Dismiss' the concept of learning disabilities and 'Dyslexia' as a myth and create confusion for the parents who eventually have abandoned their effort to help their own children on such statements made randomly without professional neuropsychological knowledge about the subject.

These experiences have formed the basis for non-disclosure to third parties (except/excluding parents of the child) who are entitled to disclosure within the premises of the association whereupon after viewing, the same are returned back to the Association, as results are not in the public domain. Detailed description and interpretation can be provided only in-house to the biological parents in privacy.

Being a privately run trust with its own rules and regulations, this is non contestable by any individual or organization or party and when a child is screened and tested at the DAI™ and the parents once they accept and take possession of the reports, acknowledge and release in entirety and perpetuity the DAI™ it employees, contractors, directors and all human beings associated with it in any form whatsoever - form any liability relating to requests from secondary and third party individuals and organizations including schools, institutions of a legal and quasi legal nature, Government Bodies and any court of law in the land and globally and in the universe. Salutations in the form of Doctor and Doctorates are advisory in nature and represent knowledge and may not necessarily be based on producible documents to support the advisory nature of these salutations. Salutations are generally accurate at the time of publications and may at times also represent the wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes form experience. No client potential or actual is under any compulsion to use our services and services if used are completely voluntary and not forced by anyone. If an individual uses the services mentioned in and on the website and its associated sites, he or she accepts and agrees without reservation that he/she will not challenge any formal or informal salutations mentioned. You also acknowledge and release in entirety and perpetuity the DAI™ it employees, professionals, owners, consultants, psychologists, professionals, contractors, directors and all human beings associated with it in any form whatsoever - form any liability relating to requests either of information which you agree will expressly not be provided to any individual or from secondary and third party individuals and organizations including schools, institutions of a legal and quasi legal nature, Government Bodies and any court of law in the land and globally and in the universe. You also agree and concur that all rights constitutional and fundamental will be forsaken and you will not initiate or cause to initiate any form of query relating to the individuals associated with those mentioned in the website/s and those who may even be remotely associated with it.

This screening document is intended to support the students learning for home and classroom only and should not form the basis of any discrimination or evidence for exclusion from school which is in any case against the law of the Land where it clearly states that no child can be requested to leave school and no parents can be forced to withdraw a child in case the child has any form of a Learning Disability. This document is a combination of a Psycoeducational assessment as well as a Neuropsychological Psychometric assessment and the data are combined to provide the best possible analysis of the readings.

This document is not valid for any medical related query and case or any civil or criminal or Medico Legal Case and the right to challenge is expressly waived and relinquished in entirety by the client for perpetuity once a representative of the child has collected the screening report or availed of any service mentioned.

If needed parents must have the concluding findings on the last page medically co-related so that a comprehensive action or remedial plan can be generated for the child who has been screened.

Subsequent to starting any medication, caregivers and parents must consult with a medical specialist to ensure monitoring of the child.

Self-dosing is not suggested and not supported by the Dyslexia Association of India™.

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All screening test measures are reported as percentile ranks (PR). Percentile ranks are reported and used as they are not subject to variation in interpretation when the screening report is provided to the school and therefore prevents individualized interpretation of the screening depending upon the educators own understanding of what the numbers and figures should stand for - or how they should be interpreted.

Percentile Ranks also have an advantage in our opinion as they integrate proficiency on the task, which is retained internally by the Dyslexia Association of India™ as explained above and also provide an accurate understanding of the percentage of children of the same age whose scores are the same, below or above that of the child who is being screened.

All Neuropsychological and Neuroeducational screenings have a systematic and scientific modality of calculating percentages and these are strictly followed and implemented at the DAI™.

For example when we use the Woodcock - Johnson III (WJ III) relative proficiency indexes are reported. These are derived from a mathematical calculation of probability based on the norms. Therefore as an example, this index would predict the child's proficiency on tasks similar to those on the screening, at a difficulty level at which typical children of the same age would be 90% successful. And 90% represents mastery of a skill or ability.

The Test Disclaimer and Disclosure wordings are a copyright property of the Dyslexia Association of India™ and may not be reproduced in any form by another institution or individual for their own self-usage.